Let’s sing up a more healthy and prosperous future!

Financial goals have been met!

My total budget was $3,500, and you helped me get there.

I don’t think local council elections should be bought by wealthy candidates. 

So we decided on what I reckon is an appropriate and modest total budget.

Thanks to all of you who helped me reach this funding goal.

Every dollar you contributed is being used to pay for materials and services from locals. The money is spent right here in the region. 

Magnetic signs came from a much-loved local sign maker. 
Business cards and flyers come from a family-run printer in Cairns.

I’m going old-school with handmade signage and a lot of excellent design advice from my wife and eldest.

You have given me a budget for advertising and travel.

Thank you!

Campaign budget

Magnetic Signs: $220

Paint, varnish: $200

Business cards: $80

Poster Printing: $200

Advertising-media: $1050

Diesel: $950

Food/events: $350

Materials: $240

Flyers: $140

Kitty: $140

Helping hands are a magic contribution.

Join some of my friends who are donating tomato stakes, plywood, and a helping hand.

What about a lunch, afternoon coffee, or a garden party with your social circle? Invite me round for a chat.

You can also help at pre-polling and on election day.

Let me know how you'd like to help...

Spread the word...

Please consider letting your friends know about this campaign.
- Send an email to 20-30 folks in Mareeba Shire
- Ask them to get in touch with me for a chat
- Ask them to visit this website
- Invite them to Like and Share my Facebook page.