Ideas for the Shire

People from across the Shire have talked with me about their visions for the future. Here’s a collection of ideas that are close to my heart.

Ideas for the Shire

People and Community

Mareeba Shire will prosper as we cultivate new ways to cooperate and support one another.
The things that unite us include necessities like income and economic opportunity. And we are also united by need for connection and meaning. I believe we’re ready for a bigger conversation.

Ideas for the Shire

Transport and logistics

One of the key advantages that Mareeba enjoys is its location with respect to major transport routes. We are ideally situated for all of the traffic coming off the Cape, and for all of the production of both our local area, but also developments to the northwest (Mitchell) and west (Gilbert).

field planted and irrigated
Ideas for the Shire

Water and Soils

The foundation of our Shire’s prosperity is the water and soils that we are entrusted with. We are a proudly agricultural region, and personally I hope that will remain the case for generations to come.

dressing up a tractor

A gentle respect for the past

Our Shire is a wonderful place to live. People have worked hard, fallen in love, struggled through hard times, raised their children, and found peace in themselves and their community.

We walk amongst those stories everyday.