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polling is open

You won’t find me or my volunteers at the pre-polling. I decided to avoid the public health risk to you and to them. After 5 days of accelerating COVID-19 incidence, the ECQ has issued a directive for all campaigners to stand down and allow the booths to run “silently”.

Feel free to take a How to Vote card from my station, and then dispose of it. Please don’t worry about recycling this year…better to lose a bit of paper than put people in danger.

My name is John Brisbin and I’m keen to serve as one of your six Mareeba Shire Councillors. My family and I are residents of Mount Molloy. I’m proud to be supported by members of the community to put my hand up for this role.

Please allow me to introduce my principles: Integrity, Community, and Commitment.


For me, integrity is a daily negotiation that demands constant attention and discipline. The starting place is to be ruthlessly honest with myself. From there, I accept certain responsibilities on behalf of others…my family, my neighbours…and onward to the people of this Shire.

Integrity demands that I work openly and honestly. It demands that I speak up when it is necessary, and that I act with the best interest of the community always at the forefront.


I believe that community is how we find the very best of ourselves as individuals. We are social by nature, and the only way to experience a full life is in the company of others. Community is something we all help create through our individual actions.

It is my great passion to help promote the experience of community. This is a dance: we grow according to our individual natures…that’s as it should be and we need a high degree of personal freedom to accommodate the amazing range of interests that people in our region pursue. As we face collective challenges, or aspire to a common goal, we will cultivate the civic conversations needed to find agreement with one another, build bridges across differences, and respect the qualities we all contribute.

Mareeba is a Shire of Diversity. Within that diversity we have so much to offer one another and to achieve together.


The role of Councillor is a privilege. Commitment is about showing up for the job and putting the required energy, attention, and passion into it. I’m already active in the community and look forward to being able to spend more time on projects big and small. 

My particular interest is to stimulate new ideas from the rich layer of culture and achievement that has been gifted to us by generations that came before.

With determination, timing, and a bit of good luck we will be able to attract the funding needed to put these ideas into reality, just like the Shire has done in the past. The strength of our story will carry us. I am committed to growing a  more prosperous, resilient, and generous community. I am here to put my talents into good service.

Ideas for the Shire

I’m keen to let people know what I think about a range of issues in the Shire. These are background ideas that I bring to the discussion. Where we take them is all about collaboration, discussion, and opportunity.

field planted and irrigated

Water and Soils

The foundation of our Shire’s prosperity is the water and soils that we are entrusted with. We are a proudly agricultural region, and personally I hope that will remain the case for generations to come.

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Transport and logistics

One of the key advantages that Mareeba enjoys is its location with respect to major transport routes. We are ideally situated for all of the traffic coming off the Cape, and for all of the production of both our local area, but also developments to the northwest (Mitchell) and west (Gilbert).

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People and Community

Mareeba Shire will prosper as we cultivate new ways to cooperate and support one another.
The things that unite us include necessities like income and economic opportunity. And we are also united by need for connection and meaning. I believe we’re ready for a bigger conversation.

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What do you want to talk about?

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On the campaign trail

Places around the Shire I’ve visited for meetings, conversations, and observation since 01 Jan 2020.

Total travel = 4,015 KM 
Last update = 09 Mar

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What are the three most important things I hope to achieve if elected?

1. Develop a shared vision of the future that starts with healthy country

Vision is important

I believe we need a vision that embraces aspirations across the Shire.

At the end of my 4-year term, we will be cultivating an abundant Mareeba Shire centred on our intelligent and wise stewardship of country.
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2. Attract new investment and community to Mareeba Shire

Success attracts success

Attract new energy, investment, and collaboration so that we can accelerate on an upward trend.

At the end of 4 years we will have a "Mareeba Brand" that unites us from one end of the Shire to the other.
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3. Achieve success by keeping it real, growing from the ground up.

Maintain the basics

I want to see better Council services at the kerbside and out on the gravel tracks. Keep our budget manageable. Take care of staff.

We can start small, and grow with a big vision.
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